Why choose us ?

If you are still wondering, let us answer it!

Who we are?

It is a path drawn by the passion for a trade, marked by a professional experience which translates into a human adventure at each step, with each project…

Le métier de création façades en pierre naturelle

We cannot talk about Art & Pierre without mentioning the journey of its founder Mario Marques. 

Passionate about arts and crafts, with a creative spirit from an early age, Mario Marques was attracted to a craft that would allow him to express and externalize all his artistic ideas: that of stonemason.

Over the years, his passion for the trade grew and he acquired a great knowledge of all types of stones. He knows them, cuts them, lays them and studies them to discover all their specificities. What made his strength is the taste for innovation that pushed him to excel day after day by creating personalized and timeless avant-garde works that fit into the landscape in perfect harmony.

The quality of his work was immediately recognized and his know-how and skills were sought after, this leaded him to travel through different countries to produce all types of works and allowed him to expand to other horizons.

These are the experiences that would later shape the DNA of Art & Pierre.

Passionate about stonework for more than 30 years, Mario Marques is one of those craftsmen whose know-how and experience constitute a real treasure. “My knowledge of stones and their different specificities allows me to meet all my clients requests”, “The satisfaction of those who entrust me with a project remains my main priority”.

Today, running a leading company in its sector, Mario Marques makes us rediscover the trade of the stonemason and stone craft, passing on his know-how to his team of craftsmen.

With the highly qualified stonemasons he trained himself, Mario Marques creates craftsmanship of exceptional technicality.

But what his humility did not allowed him to say, is that he is a true pioneer in his field. So it was his daughter Andreia Pimentel, manager of the company, who explained it to us: «My father has always sought to innovate, to develop his practice. He has always fervently encouraged factories to produce certain sizes of the stones he designed with the aim of creating new products. He was the initiator of several products which were subsequently standardized for sale to the general public.» And if today these types of sizes have been widely developed, Mario Marques continues tirelessly researching, testing and creating more.

Le métier de habillage murs en pierre naturelle
Materiaux pour l'habillage de murs en pierre naturelle

Art & Pierre is also a family business, because the daughter of Mario Marques, Andrea Pimentel joined the adventure in 2013 with the desire to perpetuate her father’s know-how and the traditions of the trade. 

The strength of this duo directs today Art & Pierre, the complementarity energy of this new duo opens up to new ideas and projects that remain complementary and united by the same vision, commitment and mission.

Art & Pierre is also a human-sized structure. We work in an environment that is almost family-like, a climate of trust and loyalty is established and this balance allows us to be more flexible and responsive.

We cultivate strong human values for a harmonious development.

Moving forward means progressing, evolving means transformation, means being able to support our clients in all their projects, facing challenges, pushing back our limits and reinventing ourselves, this is a daily quest and this is the path that we undertake with each step, but we are particularly attached to and do not forget the soul of the trade, its essence that we deeply respect.

Respect for the traditions and the ancestral know-how of the stonemasonry trade forms the basis of our practices. While remaining faithful to tradition, Mario Marques reinvents the trade by developing it towards a new concept of stone cutting and laying. This results in stone works of art that blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Almost as if they had always been there….

Art & Pierre, Expérience, Expertise, Savoir-Faire


The satisfaction of our customers is our main priority.

Meeting the expectations of our demanding customers with a full range of services and products is our daily mission.

Our company is known for its ability to execute highly complex projects, which is why we strive to improve every day and are constantly on the lookout for new design strategies as well as the best materials and tools for our achievements.

Art & Pierre, Expérience, Expertise, Savoir-Faire


We cultivate strong human values for harmonious development.

Evolving while keeping the tradition and the rules of the stonemasonry art is fundamental.

But we are also building around new values because it is also important to reinvent ourselves and push our limits to go further and build around an artisanal and ancestral trade but adapted to the architecture of the present and the future.

Art & Pierre, Expérience, Expertise, Savoir-Faire


Preserving tradition while innovating, this is our Vision.

The importance of the Stonemason's rules of the art and respect for the material are immutable solid foundations, but creation, the search for new methods, the transformation of materials and creation beyond our imagination are part of this constant search for renewal and innovation, a permanent search that allows us to evolve with the times and create exceptional projects.